Tay River Gallery Circa 2002-2007

For quite a number of years this was the Tay River Gallery. In 2011 they moved to Ottawa's west end at a new gallery location Tay Gallery Kanata with the same management and the same great art.
Content is from the site's 2002-2007 archived pages.

28 Wilson St. W.
Perth, Ontario
(613) 264-5448

Tay River Gallery is a "gallery of the arts", showcasing and celebrating local culture with works in fine art, music and literary forms. Explore the two floors of this century-old stone building with four quaint rooms housing an eclectic mix of works by Ontario artists, musicians, writers and craftspeople.

Since 2002, Tay River Gallery has been dedicated to the presentation and promotion of established and emerging Canadian artists from the Ontario region. Visual arts exhibitions are scheduled throughout the year highlighting different media, styles and subject matter. The gallery focus is to present exemplary original works by gallery artists and visiting artists across the broad spectrum of craft, design and visual art.

Located in the beautiful historic town of Perth, Ontario, the gallery features paintings in oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. Also featured in the gallery are photography, figurative sculptures, pottery, stained glass, woodturned bowls, jewellery, children and ladies' custom designed clothing and many fine woodcrafted gift items, CDs and books.


Circa 2011

We have moved to Kanata Ontario. Please visit Tay Gallery Kanata at 471 Hazeldean Rd. Unit 5, Kanata Ontario, call us at (613) 836-4169


471 Hazeldean Rd. Unit 5
Kanata ON.
Open Monday - Saturday 10 - 5:30 p.m., Thursday 10 - 7 p.m.


We have moved to Kanata Ontario. Please visit Tay Gallery Kanata at 471 Hazeldean Rd. Unit 5, Kanata Ontario, call us at (613) 836-4169



Tay River Gallery Services

            Tay River Gallery provides conservation custom framing with technical expertise and artistic tasteful presentation. A variety of styles from classical to contemporary are available in price ranges from economical to luxurious. We will assist you in selecting the best mat, glass, and frame combination to complement your piece. Our focus is on utilizing the most current conservation framing techniques available to properly enhance and protect your valuable work.
Tay River Gallery is a member of the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association) and is able to benefit from continued education, ideas and information about current trends in the picture framing industry provided through the membership.
Professional artists may qualify for our artist discount.

            Plaquemounting is an economical and attractive alternative to custom framing since it eliminates the need for mats, glass and frame. The term plaquemounting refers to the popular process of mounting artwork to specially prepared Medium Density Fiber-board or (MDF). The process is very similar to drymounting and laminating but here the finished product itself becomes an attractive stand-alone display system.Since plaquemounting is a permanent and irreversible process, any original artwork or limited edition print should not be mounted this way. This is an attractive and economical way to display Poster Art and prints.

            The canvas transfer technique simulates the texture and appearance of an original oil painting and your poster's image will be transferred onto a special canvas material. The canvas is then stretched onto a custom-cut wooden support frame called a stretcher bar. This lightweight, hand-stretched canvas can hang as is, or can then be framed
            Bring your photo prints or high quality digital images to Tay River Gallery and in 2 to 3 weeks you will have a treasured personal photo collage. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, memorials, family history, retirement, children, babies or special events.


Tay River Tattler

Tay River Tattler
Arts News & Views from Tay River Gallery
Volume 5 Issue 1

PASSIONS OF THE HEART Ten Ottawa area artists express their passion for art with introspective works on topics that intrigue them in the Feb/March show, Passions of the Heart.
We are pleased to present works by Dave Acton, Karen Phillips Curran, Catherine Kelly, Sandra Hawkins, Catharina Breedyk Law, Martha Markowsky, Gilda Pontbriand, Vivien Tytor, Gary Webster, David Zimmerly
A wide range of subject matter is represented in emotive art that covers the spectrum from endearing sentiment to
high drama. Evocative works expressive of the artists' inner world is the common thread in works presented in watercolours, mixed media, acrylics, photography and textile art.
We had an overwhelming response of high calibre submissions to this juried show and we thank all the applicants and regret that we could not accommodate more due to gallery space limitations.
We welcome the following guest artists to the gallery in this show: Dave Acton, Sandra Hawkins, Gilda Pontbriand, and Vivien Tytor.
1 www.tayrivergallery.com

Vivien Tytor is an Ottawa-based artist who has explored various media in both figurative and abstract styles. Vivien has participated in various solo and group exhibitions throughout the region.  Muse in Fusion is a large abstracted work in acrylic with strong visual impact. The subject is a queen of hearts who ultimately blends physically with her musical instrument because of her attachment to it.  Tytor’s four photographic artworks on display venerate the musical instrument.


Sandra Hawkins is a dynamic independent visual and media artist working experimentally across medium and disciplines. Based in Ottawa, her paintings, photography, multi-media installations, videos and performance art are shown across Canada and internationally. Her two watercolor landscapes, Pines and Pine Sunset are painted en plein air to capture the freshness of the experience and compel the viewer’s attention. For Hawkins, “Landscape painting for me is more about sentiment than specific geographic location. It is a place of the heart that goes beyond linguistic limitation to include the primal and emotive.”

Gilda Pontbriand is an Ottawa area artist who studied visual arts in Canada, Mexico and France. Her art encompasses a spiritual dimension and her practice of art is a constant search for different subjects, media and techniques. Gilda researched ancient symbols from Mayan culture in a recent trip to Mexico. These Mayan symbols with focus on life cycle and renewal are the subject of Pontbriand’s four mixed media paintings created in the artist’s signature rich palette.

Dave Acton, Arnprior area artist, is a member of the Ottawa Art Association and exhibits regularly at the Ottawa
Little Theatre. Acton displays a group of small watercolours addressing a variety of themes : a dancer enthralled, a  child’s wonder, offerings of sweets , “ladies in waiting “, and an example of unusual “beauty in the eyes of the beholder”.

Catherine Kelly, longstanding Ottawa RA Camera club member, is an Ottawa- based photographer who combines a passion for travel with her love of her craft. Artistically rendered, her photograph depicts a scrawny street kitten as the focus with the dramatic backdrop of Paros, Greece.


David Zimmerly, Perth area photographer and world traveller, brings Guatamalen children to the focus in his series for this  show. It is not surprising to see this former field anthropologist
portray people in their environment with his  sharp photographic skills as this is a recurring theme in  Zimmerly’s photography.

Gary Webster of Perth provides a close up photo of a butterfly and a large poppy that demonstrate intense concentration and focus. Capturing the beauty and simplicity of nature through photography is Webster’s passion.

Karen Phillips Curran, Perth area watercolourist, exhibits a small group of mixed media works from her Beauty and the Beast series. A focal image accompanied by descriptive script is common to all four. A Certain Smile and a Breath of Rose look at the lighter side of passion with a hint of sentimentality and humour, while Great Waves and Thrashing Wildly, juxtaposed are dramatic portrayal of a more tumultuous dark passion.  A fifth work, Aphrodite, is a mixed media figurative painting by Curran, created in the style of early

Catharina Breedyk Law is a versatile textile artist, prolific in range of works and has exhibited in many fiber art shows throughout the region. Her body of work is eclectic and includes subject matter from medieval to contemporary. She teaches fiber art classes year round from her studio in the Perth area. Catharina exhibits a large quilted wall hanging in luxurious fabrics with fine
detailing. Offering of the Heart is a work is based on 15th century tapestry and depicts a male suitor offering his lady a piece of fruit.


Martha Markowsky, Ottawa /Montreal area artist was recently elected as a member of the Canadian Society of Artists. Congrats Martha! In Passions of the Heart, Markowsky exhibits a group of her introspective works that focus on people situations in bar scenes with
their heart rendering search for passion, romance and  friendship. These are small oil works painted in dark tones that lend to the mystique and drama of the bar atmosphere.

Visitors are welcome Wednesday through Saturday from 12 – 5 p.m.
during February. No reception is planned for this show due to unpredictable weather /road conditions this time of year and as we all travel the highways, safety is our main concern. Extended hours coming in March will be posted on the website.


Warm your hearts on a cold winter’s day and catch this exhibit before March 31st rolls around!


Our Spring group show BLOOMS will feature acrylic floral  paintings from four Ontario artists: Leah Dockrill, Bill
Keast, Andrew Neil Olscher, and Gilda Pontbriand. Florals take on a whole new meaning in this show. ‘Hypnotic’,
‘Exotic’, ‘Vivacious’, ‘Soulful’ are just a few adjectives that come to mind.
May will feature a continuation of
Blooms with Blooms II.

For June 2007 watch for the solo exhibition featuring new works by Shirley Mancino in Towards Abstraction.

Our summer show extravaganza will feature the works of many dynamic artists exhibited throughout the gallery in the lower and upper gallery rooms

Two more solo exhibitions are planned for Fall 2007,  with   J. Allison Robichaud featured in September and John Alexander Day in October.

Enough already…let’s not spoil the fun!



Tay River Gallery Featured Artists

Heather Assaf
Normand Baril
Anne Barkley
Margaret Chwialkowska
Karen Phillips Curran
Deborah Czernecky
John Alexander Day
Jean Gauvreau
Ann Gruchy
Shirley Mancino
Martha Markowsky
Sylvia Summers-Martyn
Mary Nunn
Andrew Neil Olscher
James E. Pay
J. Allison Robichaud
Leslie Rohonczy
Tricia Wilmot Savoie
G. Schutz
Mary L. Schofield
Antal Serences
John Stevenson
John Topelko
France Tremblay
Vivien Tytor
Bill Veale

Catherine Kelly
Connie Spencer
Gary Webster
David Zimmerly

Catharina Breedyk Law
Karen Goetzinger
Kit Vincent
Elisa Pavie

Denise Irvine
Dina Milne
Kirei Samuel
Rachel Norman
Sophal Tan Tuok

Anne Chambers
Marie Paquette
Suzan Kowalski
Dave Pavie
Helen Stone

Lorne Babb
William Shelaga
Chris Taber

Paul Brown